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Advantages of creating and producing your own content

With Epublik, you become your own editor and also find on the platform all the support you need to go ahead with your dream without depending on anyone else.

The advantages of creating and producing your own content are many, check out:

You can create and produce your book in a matter of days or even hours, not after years.

Control: you will have total control over the layout, design, prices, etc.

you normally earn more money publishing and promoting your own book. With self-publishing, royalties range from 30% to 70%, while in traditional publishing, they range just from 10% to 15%, at most.

self-publishing does not need to be expensive, as some writers think. With Epublik, you can print a few hundred copies of commercial quality and self-promote your work in bookstores, with friends, relatives, colleagues, etc. Fortunately, we have nowadays a concept called Print on Demand (POD), and electronic formats that authors can use to publish their books on the cheap and make them available worldwide on Amazon, Kindle, Apple, Kobo, etc., in paperback, besides all e-book formats. Isn’t that amazing? Your book never goes out of print, and you can promote it using the unlimited Internet possibilities.

It is easy to create and produce: you can write short books first, and test your ability to present yourself as an author. Nowadays, people want concise and simple information. Fill a need, a gap, and write something people want. Create a captivating title and a book cover. An author is an author, whether you write an eighty-page book or a four-hundred-page book.
The advantages are many, so go ahead with your dream and count on our support on this journey.

How can I sell my project?

Almost every writer dreams of seeing their work being published and commercialized. However, many of them do not know for sure what it takes to achieve such a goal and end up getting discouraged, giving up their project. The truth is that the way people consume content has been going through profound changes, and the literary market continually struggles to adapt to the new scenario. With this in mind, Epublik has brought to the market the most revolutionary tool for authors to self-publish and, then, have autonomy and freedom to define the use of their publications, including the decisions regarding their commercialization. Epublik does not conduct or guide the marketing of contents on its platform, but understands how extremely important it is that every author is aware of this new ecosystem of possibilities for the marketing of literary works.

First, it is necessary to have in mind that any literary work, whether printed or digital, can only be commercialized in Brazil and in the rest of the world if it has the ISBN (International Standard Book Number) registration, which refers to the identification code of a monographic publication related to the book trade and National Library collections, through the CBL (Brazilian Book Chamber). The process can be done directly by the author on the CBL website (https://www.cblservicos.org.br/isbn/), and also involves the payment of a small fee to CBL.
The commercialization of literary works can happen in several ways: through the traditional printed book sales, which can be carried out directly by the author, book sales representatives, distributors, or specialized stores; or through the digital version of these works, commercialized on specific websites or marketplaces.

In this sense, it is worth highlighting the expansion of the reading habit through the use of digital readers, such as Kindle, Lev, or Kobo, in addition to computers and cell phones, which use digital formats (e-books) to provide the reader with a better experience. Also, the remarkable increasing expansion of marketplaces as relevant sales and distribution channels for printed and digital books, surpassing even physical stores.

These changes provide opportunities for new authors to create and produce their own content. For them, this new scenario expands opportunities and reduces differences in promotion of works between new and renowned authors, particularly in virtual sales channels. Furthermore, for authors to benefit from this new environment on behalf of their literary work monetization, it is important that they understand a little more about the details of this digital sales market through marketplaces.
Millions of books are sold every day through marketplaces, such as Amazon, Americanas, Mercado Livre, Magalu, Submarino, among many others. The entire commercialization and advertising process of the product is done through the marketplace, and it is up to the author to register and price their product, in a simplified way, as well as be in charge of the delivery logistics. Concerning the sale value, the marketplace retains a percentage of gain (a commission), and transfers most of it to the authors, allowing them to receive a greater net profit than in conventional models. Opportunities and scenarios like these motivate hundreds of new authors to set up in this activity.

So, what are you waiting for? Go to create and produce their own content!