E VErmelho

Epublik is the most modern and complete content creation and production platform in the world, created to simplify not only the editorial process of people who wish to publish literary content, but also those who produce diverse content, but have difficulty facing the long process of publishing through the conventional market. From a dissertation, a recipe book, an online course, or a collection of poems to a family book, or a company policy manual, Epublik translates a new experience, that publishing has never been easier.
Our inspiration came from more than a decade ahead of the publishing market, in a close relationship with authors from different areas. Taking a careful look, we identified the desire of an expressive and wide portion of content producers who wished to have more autonomy in their publication process. We have combined our extensive experience as publishers and offer it now, organized in a unique and innovative technology tool, that offers practicality, autonomy, profitability, and, mainly, freedom to anybody who wants to self-publish.
And aligned with the zeitgeist of a period marked by major transformations in the way of consuming and producing editorial content, we have added to our services the construction of the Epublik Community, which builds relationships, creates opportunities, and promotes the necessary harmony between readers and content producers, so that the latter can have the best experience of feeling like published authors.